I always strive to make sure my businesses lead with great service and integrity. There is nothing better than doing a project for a client and letting them know that you are on their side and making sure things go as planned. Reputation is everything to me and that is something that EVERYONE at The Construction Agency works by.”
- Joey Dillon CEO of Dillon Enterprise

While trying to keep The Construction Agency’s reputation, we make sure we keep quality, value, integrity and grit. TCA continues to provide quality, communication, expertise, cost control and most of all, safety.

To give the client the engagement of the project by giving them the opportunity to have us involved from full design to completion of build out or just simply doing all labor work, is a very attractive custom experience that we share. 

No matter how we decide to approach projects with our clients, the main end game is customer experience; To provide an unsurpassed commitment to the amount of attention and quality of each project we are part of.

Examples of our services

  • We coordinate with the local and state government agencies to make sure that all workmanship and work is compliance with all building permits
  • Draw and provide blueprints for either current construction or new projects
  • In house designer to show all variations to better maximize the "said" space
  • Provide project monitoring to ensure a projects progress and to see it through to completion
  • Provide summary reports of the changes in the schedule
  • Provide full electrical services
  • Full plumbing services
  • Deck builds
  • Full installation of roofing (no service calls)
  • Complete exterior remodels for a different outside feel
  • We stock all custom flooring for your needs and do all flooring trades
  • Mass painting is our niche. Full interior, exterior paints as well as commercial or industrial painting
  • Custom steel work and designs as well as full steel equipment services
  • We hold mass stock of vanities and kitchen cabinets as well as all fashions of counter-top. Samples available