Total Commercial Build Out

Project Overview

The new Luxury Hair Direct Office, better known as LHD, was founded in 2013 and is one of the leading brands of hair designers and products.

The company was recently elected in Inc 500 of 2018 of top 100 fastest growing business. Owned by Rajeev Kaila and Michael Moran, these individuals have surpassed old school hair products and have come out and developed one of the best hair company in the nation. 

LHD studio, standing 3 stories and approx 3,500 sqft, was designed by the owners and it will highlight LHD’s exclusive and world renown products and their world wide following. 

Each floor is equipped with HVAC and a lavatory. The space is equipped with conference rooms, plethora of offices, lobby, showrooms, product samples and more.


East Atlanta new office for Luxury Hair Direct