Interior Water Proof Flooring

Project Overview

This particular laminate provided by TCA is a very eco friendly flooring that is a bit more promising with installation than your other competing 8mm laminate flooring.

This client purchased this property in 2014 and started to notice his gorgeous dog was starting to tear up the carpet. He called us and we brought the client happiness.

This home has a few water areas on this floor as far as lavatories, office, kitchen and more and has lots of factors that would effect other style floors but those do not surpass the durability this floor provides. A wide range running throughout of 1650 square feet, these floors are able to go anywhere.

This floor is equipped with a scratch resistant surface, which is great for his dogs feet and any other obstacles that may fall and scratch your typical flooring. This floor is also extremely waterproof and can last a sufficient amount of hours underwater with no buckle or damage. These floors are equipped with an easy connect channel lock system.


Total waterproof and scratch resistant floor laid on main level in a beautiful home in Buford, GA