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Company overview

Mission Statement

To create long lasting relationships by providing construction solutions that result in exceptional outcomes. 


To lead the residential and commercial construction industry with excellence, an outstanding reputation and to create long lasting and strong partnerships.

From Start to Finish

TCA collaborates closely with our owners, architects and designers to develop an innovative, efficient plan that will define the projects goals. This helps us deliver quality work. Once the plan is created, it is fully communicated and followed to a 
“T” throughout the life of the project. From start to finish, our team shows total project control to have a successful project execution. 

Client Values

The ultimate goal for every client we encounter is the value and the maximum return on their investment. The quality of the project, the cost and schedule are key factors in determining that value. Many contractors do not view these factors as such. They believe quality is achieved when the cost is high and spend more time on the job. This creates disasters. We love our clients to be happy. We don’t like disasters. 

About us

 The Construction Agency (TCA) focuses on our clients needs and wants. With having a full design and construction team, we are able to walk you through the process, from preconstruction to the final product. We specialize in new builds and major remodels for residential and commercial. When you are looking for 100% dependability, there is no denying the positive facts of our business.

We Ensure Quality For Your Peace of Mind

We also maintain and repair residential and commercial properties on jobs we provided work.

We keep things Clean and keep it Affordable.

TCA keeps the mess at a minimum and contained.


Each day we strive to keep a safe work place and keep a watch of our surroundings. We challenge every worker to make safe decisions daily. TCA is committed to providing a place of employment, whether in the office or on a job site, free from any recognizable hazard.

Yes! There Really Is a Difference if You Hire the Right Contractor!

  • Fully licensed and insured with industry-leading manufacturer and labor warranties.
  • The best customer service in the business, no joke!
  • The highest quality products and certified, trained and professional contractors on every project with safety as our top priority.
  • 24/7 residential and commercial emergency services and repair always available.

RECENT Work categories

New Residential
Exterior Residential
Interior Residential

New Residential Construction

Custom home in the mountains built from ground up

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Total Commercial Build Out

Built a new commercial office to bring a modern touch to an Atlanta base company

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Exterior Remodel at Its Finest

A COMPLETELY new look and feel to this Country Club home

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A total major Interior Remodel

We brought this home from the 1990's to the new age

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The best customer service in the business, no joke!